You Have Arrived

Arianne (Elisse Joson), Flo (Arielle Roces), and Dani (Barbie Imperial) were high school best friends who were bullied when they were young. Today, the three ladies are social media influencers in their own right. Bonded by their common struggle in the past, nothing could keep them apart. But when a drunken night turns sour, Arianne finds herself at the receiving end of public backlash, resulting into a strain in their friendship. Driven by her need to get her status back, Arianne persuades Flo and Dani to an exclusive party that will help up her status and gain back her followers. Flo and Dani accept, wanting to make amends with Arianne. What was supposed to be an epic night becomes the worst nightmare of their life when they experience strange and horrific things that will ultimately test their friendship.

DirectorShugo Praico ↗
Production Year2019
Released Date2019
Running Time82 Minutes
CastElisse Joson, Arielle Roces, Barbie Imperial