Rein Entertainment, founded in 2017, is a boutique creative house and production company that aims to create and produce stories that resonate with both the Filipino and global audiences. As champions of original content, the company employs an innovative business model that fosters creativity among creators and writers. This allows Rein a bank of diverse, unique, and relevant narratives that cater to contemporary tastes and pioneer Filipino stories that are waiting to be told to a wider auidence. Coupled with the company’s heavy research and end-to-end production process, all concepts are brought to life with intention and excellence.

Since its establishment in 2017, Rein Entertainment has garnered acclaim for producing narrative series and movies that serve as trailblazers on global platforms like Netflix, Tencent TV, and Prime Video. From the thought-provoking socio-political thriller “Bagman, 2019” to the heartwarming LGBTQ+ romantic comedy “Betcin, 2021“ and the gripping suspense thriller “Nanahimik Ang Gabi, 2022“ (A Silent Night), Rein remains at the forefront, steering narratives toward authentic Filipino stories and representation, inviting viewers into the unseen, underrepresented, and challenging realms.



It is Rein’s commitment to push the industry forward and create stories of impact from every end of production.